Craft and Media Tech 2 – Photography – Original CD Cover

I have created the CD Cover for the original CD cover assignment. However, I had to make some changes to the design, as I wasn’t happy with the original design I had. Below is the CD Cover:


I originally wanted to have part of the images used, in white pixel dots. I attempted this, but it didn’t have the desired look, so I looked for alternative ways of manipulating the images.

I experimented with different effects, and using multiple effects at once. The first effect I added was to invert the image color. I then used color saturation to change the color to green.

Craft and Media Tech 2 – Photo – Original CD Cover proposal

For the CD cover assignment in photography, I have to create 2 CD covers; one is a direct reinterpretation of a CD album cover, and the other CD album cover is one for an original band.

For the original CD cover, I have to fully create the album, with full track list, front and back covers, and original album artwork.

The idea

My idea for the original CD cover is to create an album cover for an electronic/techno band. While not a listener of this type of music, this may be a challenge. However, after looking at some album covers of electronic/techno music, the fonts used are very futuristic, and use bright colours. The artwork used also has a futuristic look; the backgrounds are often futuristic images, and sometimes photos are used and edited to look digital/technological.

To create futuristic looking images, I have taken some portraits that I will edit in Photoshop, and only use certain parts of the face I have taken, and use pixelated dots to cover these parts, to give a futuristic feel to the images:

IMG_2076 IMG_2077 IMG_2079


Craft and Media Tech 2 – Photography – CD Cover 2 Idea

For my second CD cover, which is the re-interpretation of a well-known album cover, I have decided to try and re-interpret Oasis’ most successful album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?.



The idea for re-creating the album artwork for this album come from the research that I did into it. The photograph for Morning Glory was taken at Berwick Street, a world famous street in London, renowned for its collection of record and Cd shops.

Unfortunately, most of the shops on Berwick Street no longer exist; most are now out of business, due to the dramatic rise in digital downloads/online music sales.

The trend in online shopping is now threatening many high-street shops of going out of business, not just music shops, but also clothing and department stores. In some cases shops have been closed down and/or gone bust, such as Woolworths.

The look I want to create for this ‘new version’ is the affect that the rapid growth of the digital age has had on many high-street chains. I will hope to achieve this by finding a street in Hull, where many shops now cease to exist, and all that is left is the building that used to house them. I will then take a photo of the street, should I find one, and use it for the cover.



Craft and Media Tech 2 – Photography Brief – CD/Album Cover

My next photography assignment for Craft and Media Technologies is to produce 2 images suitable for use on CD covers. The first ‘product’ will consist of a CD case illustrated with a main ‘cover shot’ portrait of a band (real or fictitious), track listing and other photography/art work. The additional images may be on the inside of the cover or in a separate booklet to fit inside the CD case. The second image is a re-interpretation of a well known album cover.

The final product should encapsulate a mood/feeling or philosophy the artist is trying to communicate.

To start the assignment I am going to research into the album cover, relevant photographers and highlight iconic album covers.