Final Major Project – Evaluation

After completing the project, I feel it was a success despite not actually building the project. I learned quickly at the start of the project that there doesn’t have to be a fully built site, or even a build, at the end of it for it to be a success. I’m still happy with the concept I created. There are some things I did differently and improved on from what I learned last year which also makes this project successful on a personal level.


With my designs in this project, I feel that I have learned from previous projects, as my design skills have improved dramatically. The reason for this is that unlike my previous projects, I completed all of the discovery phase before I started working on the designs, which meant I was better informed. This made it easier for me to design as it allowed me to design more efficiently and effectively.


Time management was again an area I could have improved in in the project’s later stages, as better time management would have allowed me to actually build the site. I feel I managed time better in the earlier stages of the project, such as the research and discovery phases, but in the later stages, as other projects took up more time, it was more difficult to manage time, and focus solely on this project. Having said that, I didn’t feel that I was rushing and panicking to get the project finished, like I have done in previous projects last year. This means that the project ran a lot smoother.


Overall, I feel the project was a success, not just in an academic way but on a personal level. I have improved a lot in some areas, especially in designing. The things that I have learned from last year helped me in my final year work, and will continue to help me in future projects.


Final Major Project – Presentation

After completing my presentation and submitting my final work on Friday, the project is now finished.

I showed the concept in the presentation, and there were some minor tweaks pointed out to me that I could go back and make, such as layout changes.

The presentation went well. In the majority of my presentations in the past, I haven’t spoken clearly enough, but in this one, I feel I did better as I got my message across a lot easier. I am also usually nervous when presenting work, but I didn’t feel nervous at all this time. I feel this is because I prepared a lot more than usual, remembering what each slide was about, so I knew exactly what I was going to say. I also had less content in my slides; after researching presentation tips, I found that it is better to have less slide content, so the audience is less focused on the screen and more focused on the presenter, in this case, me. This made it easier to present, which made me feel more comfortable presenting.

I do, however, need to work on my ‘sales pitch’ if you will, to potential employers when showing them my concept at the degree show, so I can clearly explain to them what my ‘product’ is about.

Overall, my presenting skills have improved a lot, and this presentation has now given me confidence to present in the future.

Presentation link:

Professional Practice – Portfolio Sites

My professional practice module is about promoting myself to prospective employers, by building a professional online portfolio and identity, with other promotional material such as business cards.

There are 2 sites I am required to build; one showing my uni work, with the other site being my professional one, which displays my best uni work. My uni work site is almost updated.For my professional site, I decided to use, instead of building a site from scratch to save some time, so I could create a quick online presence.



Final Major Project – New Discovery Phase

Here are the new rebranded discovery phase elements that I created, using the site’s theme. I can now go and create my professional document, which I will be using InDesign to create. I have touched up on some skills I learned in InDesign from my first year, so I am confident I can make this document.

Descriptive Words

descriptive wordsnew

Colour Palettes

colour palettesnew



Site Map





Final Major Project – Rebranding the Discovery Phase

When I created the elements for the discovery phase (moodboard, survey results), they didn’t look professional, as this example shows:

survey results

They also aren’t branded with the site’s design or style. In order to place them in my documentation, I have to rebrand and redesign them first, so I have a professional document at the end of the project.