Interactive Environments – Re-worked mock ups

I have completely re-worked my mockups for the coach house section, as the design didn’t match the other sections, which I will explain below:


Above is the new mock up for the start screen of the coach house. The arrows have been replaced with round buttons, as buttons are more user-friendly. The old archway has been replaced with an archway that the other sections have, to make it look like it all follows on.

Below are the rest of the mockups for the coach house:

coachhousesubmenucoachhouseinfocoachhousecoachman coachhousegroomsmen  coachhousestableboys

Marketing for the Web – Mockup 2

There has been some re-development into my original mockup:


The textured background has been completely removed, as websites rarely have textured backgrounds now, as it makes it difficult for users to read text.

The design has been simplified because the website should be as simple as possible; the site is there to simply get people to go to the museum so doesn’t need to be complicated. It also now reads similar to a classroom textbook. School children at the age of my target audience(Years 7-9 so 11-15 year olds) are already comfortable with reading textbooks, so this design would be easy for them to follow. This is also the reason why there are no vector graphics.

This design also uses the grid system; the grid system is suitable for responsive design, to enable the website to be displayed on multiple devices. A grid system also makes the design appear more structured. The grid would also make it far easier to take exisiting content out and replace it, ready for the next exhibition.

One issue I may have with this is that it doesn’t follow symmetry. Symmetry is a key design principle as it is easy for the eyes to follow.

However, this doesn’t matter to much with this particular design. A site for a museum exhibition often only has a shelf-life of around 6 months, so it wouldn’t be displayed for very long. The idea of an exhibition site is to promote the exhibition and to present the site in a more creative way, to get people to the exhibition, as it is also there to get people to go to the museum.


Marketing for the Web – Mockup

I’ve created an initial mockup for my Elements exhibition site:


It has pictures of each element, which a link on each one going to a page for that element. There is also a footer at the bottom of the page for the admin of the site, to access the content management system for the site.

This will need developing before it will be the final design, as I feel that the design is not quite aimed at my target audience. The pictures are static, and something more visual, such as where the picture could change automatically after a certain time to the next picture, would be better for keeping the attention of my target audience.